Price: $31.19

Pairing service for your electronic lamps

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     We offer a pairing service for your electronic lamps, this price includes 3 measured lamps and 2 paired lamps, for audio devices.


     For more lamps to measure or to pair, add a multiple of this service.


     You can then send us your electronic lamps, specifying the reference, beforehand by E-mail, in case of doubt, so that we can verify that it will be possible to measure them on the METRIX 310 CTR LAMP. Make sure you carry out a correct packaging for your lamps, this same packaging will be used for the return of the lamps.


Attention: No replacement, compensation or refund is offered in the event of breakage during shipping or other malfunctions during the measurement, except, if we were responsible for it, of the kind, filament feeding error, otherwise said, if one or all your lamps did not work or no longer during the measurements, no reimbursement, compensation or others will be made, the maximum possible compensation being limited to the costs actually paid for this service.


Note: The price for shipping for the return of the lamps includes a package of 300 grams, 20 cm in length, 15 cm in width and 15 cm in height and is included when paying for this service in the basket, the costs of will be displayed in this one before payment.


Common measurable lamps: 12ax7, 12at7, ecc83, ecc82, ecc81, ..., 6l6, etc, the list goes on.

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